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62% Save Hot Deals Resort "Khum Bang Kaew" Samutprakarn City, Thailand

Samutprakarn Province, Thailand
Khum Bang Kaew Resort ฿930 ฿2,400 Save 62%
Package for 2 persons stay 2 days and 1 night at resort homestay design. Including breakfast and dinner set during your enjoyable time. It costs only around US$ 31 as today currency exchange rate $1 : ฿30

Resort in generally look.
  • Close to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, about 30 km. distance from place to place.
  • Locate at Soi Nam Daeng – Bangplee 58, peaceful place from busy day.
  • Close shopping such as Mega Bangna, IKEA, Central City, Seacon Square…
  • Simply access to Muang Boran artificial ancient city, World largest crocodile farm...
  • Nearby express way, exercise sport, golf course, restaurants, Bangkok's downtown area.
  • Thai Boxing Fitness (Thai: มวยไทย[Muaythai]), badminton field, soccer school. 
Khum Bang Kaew Resort’s rooms and all facilities is in a concept of both leisure and business trip/appointment. Every room is come out with the Thai Lana style. Looking out the surrounding and breathing fresh air while you're at terraces/balconies of the rooms.

In a very hectic day, just in case to access the internet connected line, it’s already stand by with high speed Wi-Fi internet access system.

Actually it cannot forget to inform to our guests that a restaurant offers food starting from local top of the world food, Thai, Vietnamese and various international menus.

Moreover that clients regularly request for, yes, they are massages and treatments servicing at Sala Spa, one of some other places we recommend our valued clients to visit and indulge yourself at such the upmost happy day.

Booking time and rooms are limit in as first come first serve shortlist for the early bird guests only.
Booking now click here!Khum Bang Kaew Resort

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Friday, August 2, 2013

71% Cheap Prices Hotel Reservation Deals Limit Time at Casa Del M Phuket

The best period of time is came out in limitation, staying overnight at a very first class hotels, Casa Del M, Phuket province, west coast-facing Andaman sea, Southern of Thailand with hot hotel deals cheap promotion from today valid until mid of November.

Hotel location:

14 Soi Prabaramee 3, Prabaramee Rd., Patong beach, Kathu district, Phuket province Zip code 83150.

Hotel features:

At Casa Del M, a new modern stylish amid tropical boutique and resort that hideaway the vibrant of noise from crowd. Nestled along lines of trees and hillside front on the very popular beach of the world, Patong Beach (Thai: หาดป่าตอง [hat-patong]).

Hotel facility:

Get modern conveniences in your room a variety minibar, a satellite display resolution television, a high quality and user-friendly coffeemaker

How to get the hotel:

Bus with 862 km. totally distance from Bangkok (Southern Bus Terminal) to Phuket province.

Train From Houlamphong raiway station Bangkok and first doup at Phun Phin station, Surat Thani province, and then take a bus to Phuket. ( No railway direct to Phuket )

Airplane very convenient for travelling by plane. Because, Phuket has an international airport in its places. Many flights from over the world come to Phuket airport.

How much does hotel cost?:

Prices deal promotion is at ฿2,800 ( US$ 93| Depend on exchange rate ) out of ordinary prices ฿10,036

When does the promotion valid until?:

Promotion is valid from now until 15/11/2013.

Don’t miss it at this time! Booking now: More detail Casa Del M Hotel

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17 Outstanding Core Bangkok Thailand The Most Visited City In The World

Buddha head : Ayutthaya city
Since Bangkok, a capital city of Thailand, was identified as the most visited city in the world by the 2013 Global Destination Cities Index, Timemagazine reported On June 1, 2013.

Thailand offers a great variety of attractions as it has by its pure original nature and also preparing by related authorities and private sectors to support and serve lots of travelers, visitors and inbound-outbound group tours that those flow in to Thailand dramatically.

What are those attractions being ready for serving clients and visitors?

1] Accommodation:

In every province in Thailand (77 provinces) has at least several high class hotels at its places. Specially, in some major provinces, there are lots more first class hotels and resorts within its area such as Bangkok capital city of Thailand, Phuket, Surat Thani[Samui Island], Chonburi[Pattaya beach], Trad[Chang Island], Cheing Mai, Khon Kaen, etc., there are between a variety of hundreds and thousands accommodations.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Booking Flight Bangkok to San Francisco Air Ticket From 22,000 THB.

Are you looking for booking some flight from Bangkok to San Francisco?

If yes. Where and how do you usually manage to get your flight airfare and hotel room?

Today, find the very cheapest Airfare, Bangkok, Thailand to San Francisco, USA right here,, the airfare and hotel booking website that is very convenient to proceed the booking.

With affordable booking system, Thaifly offers options of both economy class or higher by international major airlines from just figure out your trip, either choices of single trip [One way ticket] or round trip [Go-Come back ticket] or direct flight or transit, transfer and stop over ticket.

Not only cheap price and easy booking at your own place via your PC, but also price is competitive. Just check the price excludes taxes and net price from search results or compare prices with each airline before booking as you needed.

Note: The Thaifly is a bilingual original booking site for both English and Thai language. Select what your favorite language and see more deep detail what is best fit for your expectation!!!

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Hotel book 51% cheaper price@Angket Hip Residence Jomtien Pattaya Hotel, Thailand

Pattaya beach is very popular in Thailand and also across the world. With the very convenient for travelling from the Suwannaphomi airport 140 kilometers.

At the Angket Hip Residence Jomtien Pattaya Beach is setting up a room promotion 51% save program for clients at a very interesting price 999 Thai Baht (Currency rate 30.03 THB. : 1 USD. at July 24, 2013) superior room including breakfast for 2 persons from today.

Additional benefit:
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet at lobby.
  • Serving free swimming pool and fully exercise equipment fitness.
General feature:
  • Hotel located at Jomtien Beach Pattaya with panoramic wide view sea and mountains.
  • Hotel room capacity 409 rooms.
  • Room fully furnished.
  • Interior design for comfortable stay.
Location : 425 Moo 12, Soi Watboonkanjana, Nongprue sub-district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province, Thailand, Zip code 20260.

For more detail: Please click on the "Hotel Promotion" tab right above.

Remark: "Soi" in Thai is a side-street branching off a main street.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why should I select Phuket Island, Thailand Instead Of Somewhere Else?

Well, let’s learn more about Phuket Province (Thai:จังหวัดภูเก็ต[changwat puu gèt]), that it’s the Thailand's largest island locating amid clean and clear Andaman sea. Phuket’s size is 550 (212 sq.miles) or similar to Singapore country’s area for more acknowledge it easily. It is 48 km. in length and at its widest 21 km.


Phuket’s in Southern Thailand. Destination from Bangkok city, Thailand capital city is at 862 km. Two provinces near Phuket are Krabi and Phangnga province. Border of Phuket on the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline and as it is surrounded by sea, but connected Phangnga province by the Sarasin(Thai:สารสิน) substantial road bridge, 660 mt. long.

Attraction place:

Many variety of beaches and bays along Phuket island such as:
  • Bang Thao(Thai: หาดบางเทา[hat Bang Thao]) is nestled in a beautiful tropical quiet and calm long bay. Located along foothill among rejoice pine tree lines.
  • Kamala(Thai:หาดกมลา[hat Kamala]), is approximately 2 km. long bay. This bay is suit for long stay, because it's not too many people there, raw nature, small and middle size of accommodation, fully with facility for tourists such as taxi center, mini convenient stores, shopping places, spas, shows and events, restaurants etc.
  • Nai Thon(Thai: หาดนายทอน[hat Nai Thon]), is located within Sirinat national forest 6 km. far to the South. It's a calm bay with small white clear sand. There are many day trip package services, small grocery shops, big umbrella set a long beach. By the way, it's too a little far from the main road.  
  • Nai Yang(Thai: หาดนายยาง[hat Nai Yang]), is North of Phuket, large and long bay with small sands and trees, good for swimming and resting. Several middle size accommodation's available nearby bay. Well, no shopping and spa service there.  
  • Chalong bay(Thai: อ่าวฉลอง[aow Chalong]), 11 km. from Phuket city to the South, consisting a wood bridge through to sea. Great for renting boat for fishing and going to other bays nearby. This bay's not for swimming, because seashore is a mud.
  • Cape Panwa(Thai: แหลมพันวา[laem Panwa]), is far from Phuket town 15 km., white sand, green emerald sea, close to aquatic animals aquarium. It's a private place of Cape Panwa resort, being a guest of Cape Panwa resort for interior sight seeing only.  
  • Phromthep point(Thai: แหลมพรหมเทพ[laem Phromthep]), nice place at a gloaming time for seeing sunset at around 5:00-07:00 p.m.
  • Patong beach(Thai:หาดป่าตอง[hat Patong]), one of the world reputed beach of the party capitals of South East Asia. Beach that is also a great place for sunbath, playing, swimming and do watering activity at day time and become a place for nightlife and party after sunset. Do you like a nightlife? Patong beach is a beautiful place of nightlife that atmosphere equal to Patpong road(Thai: พัฒพงษ์) in Bangkok city and Pattaya beach(Thai: พัทยา) in Chonburi province.   
  • And many more places that you can touch them over there, Phuket province.
Retirement program affordable:

Phuket is in the top rank for Thai and people all over the world aim to visit once in a life time. Also, it’s fit for spending life after a long working life time being over. With clear sea, fresh air, mountain with forest are the best for selecting and living accordingly.

Well, talk about living cost in Phuket, it’s a bit more higher than other place in Thailand. For example, price of a dish of food for example a dish of fried rice, price in Phuket is at 50 Baht(US$ 1.6) while in Bangkok is 40 Baht (US$ 1.3).  Average currency rate is US$ 1 : THB. 31.28 in Jul. 2013

Yet it’s still very cheap comparing to the other places in Europe and Latin America.


Airplane: Phuket has a international airport that services for many airline flying between Phuket to Suwannaphumi airport(Thailand hub international airport) and Phuket airport to various international airport across the globe.
  • Bus: Form Bangkok bus station terminal to Phuket is taking around 12 hrs. Bus fare from BKK to Phuket is at 1,058 thb. (1usd : 29.5 thb), distance 862 km. The Bangkok bus terminal name : Sai-Tai Mai (Thai:สายใต้ใหม่)
  • Car: Driving for 862 km. from Bangkok to Phuket by going along Pethchakasem Road (Thai: ถนน เพชรเกษม), the Highway No.4. It takes through some part of Samuthsakon province, Phetchaburi province, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, Chumphon province, Surat Thani province and Phang-nga province, then cross the Thep Krasattri Bridge(Thai: สะพานเทพกษัตรี) or Sarasin Bridge(Thai: สะพานสารสิน) to Phuket Island.
Other route, starting from Bangkok and pass other provinces as same as above but just until arrive at Chumporn province, then turn right at the Prathomporn intersection(Thai: สี่แยกปฐมพร) to go strait to Ranong province, Phang-nga, then came out as the direction as going by car as above again. This way consists lots of curves, up and down the hills. it's not recommended to use it if not necessary.  
  • Train: Many trains leave from Bangkok center terminal to all of the 4 part regions of Thailand, North, South, East, and West. Taking railway the south rout run from Bangkok and go all the way to Singapore country. Actaully, no train go direct to Phuket, must get off at Phun phin railway station and then take another bus to go again to Phuket. Phun phin railway station(Thai: สถานีรถไฟพุนพิน) is located at Phin Phin district of Surat Thani province.
How travel and get around the city and places nearby:
  1. Take a walk(Thai: เดิน[doen]) in the downtown area, just relax yourself to look around of many differences cultures, building[Chinese style, Old Chino-Portuguese houses colonial style architectures, Thai and Muslim],   , people[Thai Buddhists, Thai-Chines, Thai-Muslims, and sea gypsies.] 
  2. By rot-song-thaew(Thai: รถสองแถว[rot song thaew]), they're modified by pick up tucks by installing two long seats one at the right and other at the left of their body and with roof to protect against sunlight and rain. Song-thaew fare is cheaper than other kind of transports and usually vary in distance. You can drop at any of your particular destination by ringing its bell(Thai:กดกริ่ง[kot-kring]).
  3. Bus(Thai: รถบัสโดยสาร[rot bus doi san]), They have the departure time and place to go from place to place and stop at their bus stop.
  4. By motorbike taxi(Thai: รถมอเตอร์ไซด์รับจ้าง[rot motor site rup chang]). Just tell him where you are going to go. {Check price first or otherwise he might charges you higher than it's basic rate, some motorbike terminal(Thai:วินมอเตอร์ไซด์[win motorside]) has a fare tariff showing at his terminal.
  5. Taxi(Thai: รถแท๊กซี่[rot taxi]); Every taxi in Thailand are installed with a taximeter to calculate the fare based on the distance for travelling and also with any waiting time together incurred while the taxi being called and go to the passenger's destination.
  6. Boat Taxi(Thai: เรือโดยสาร[rue doi san); Boat taxi in Phuket are for travelling from coast to coast and bay nearby.
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12 Best Benefits You Absolutely Gain for Hotel Promotion Online Booking

Did you ever booked hotel online before? Just close your eyes for a while and imagine that what you will get if you do it so; booking the hotel room through the internet.

1. Very easy way: